Friday, September 18, 2009

Jewell Twins

I enjoy capturing kids doing what they do best...exploring! We set out with a bale of hay and a tractor as props but I have to say my favorites weren't the ones with the props.

I had so much fun capturing these little girls. They constantly looked at me wondering why the crazy lady with a camera wouldn't get out of their faces. We got very few smiles but in a way, looking back, I'm kinda glad, they gave us some of the sweetest expressions. Thanks to Laurie and these precious little Jewell girls this blog even exists. Here are a few of those precious baby girls!

Thanks Laurie!!!


  1. WOW! How beautiful are my babies? I guess I didn't really know until I saw these awesome pictures that Brandi took! It was such a pleasure to have her take them. We have really struggled over the last 18 months with pictures. We have had quite the time when going to a scheduled "portrait session". Not to say that they have all been bad, but a good portion of the time we have left with all 4 of us tired, drained, stressed, etc., etc. None of this happened on our afternoon. Instead of forcing the girls to try and pose, we let them do their own thing and just had fun with it and Brandi captured it all. Like she said, there weren't many smiles....but I was just as happy with the more serious expressions and the candid shots she captured. They were all just perfect! I even submitted one of the pictures to the Covington News to see if they would use it for the Friday Scrapbook and it was in the paper the next week! I was so excited.

    Brandi- you are so talented! I can't wait to see your creativeness come to life in this blog and I am already planning on what I want for our next shoot!! Love ya girl!

  2. Wonderful pictures!! Will definately keep your contact information!!!!