Thursday, September 17, 2009

All About Me

5 things you should know about me...

#1 - I come to you...your backyard, a nearby park, or that special place that you love.

#2 - There are two things that I love when it comes to photos...natural light and editing. Shooting in natural light gives your photos a natural and classic look and makes the eyes pop. Editing...I love the effects that editing can give a photo! It can really make the photo speak to you. I love experimenting with color washes, blurred edges, and even funky color tones sometimes!

#3 - Posed formal sessions are nice but I also enjoy capturing those priceless and spontaneous know the ones....the little one exploring his surroundings, the sweet gestures, a precious face, cute smiles, the stomps in the mud. The real-life paused moments in time that you will cherish for a lifetime.

#4 - God has truly blessed me beyond measure. I am thankful everyday
for my wonderful and beautiful family. He has given me an artistic eye to
capture these precious moments and I am so excited about this new
venture that he is paving for me.

#5 - I am extremely passionate about delivering the very best work to you.
As a wife and a mother, I know how special it is when photographs capture our treasured memories. They are irreplaceable...moments paused in time and those are the moments that I want to capture for you.

Enough said, I hope that my photographs can speak for themselves.
So what are you waiting for? Schedule a session!!

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