Monday, September 21, 2009

Drummer Girl....

What a privilege it was to sit in on the worship session at The Point to take a few senior pictures of this rocking senior...GIRL!! What fun!! I don't know Tiffany very well but she seems to have it all going on...what an inspiration she must be to other girls! I can't wait to take the rest of her senior pictures!! I love the effects that editing can give, like the color-washed one of her praying or the blurred edges.
Her mom and I laughed because she never smiled or really even looked up but I actually love that about these. It is obvious that she is locked in, deep in thought, deep in worship, deep in her element!! While I love the ones of her playing, my faves are the ones of her praying, seated at her drums...ready to praise the Lord with a rocking worship set!!!

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  1. Tammy Hodges said...
    Thanks so much for this Brandi.. You do an AMAZING job!! Can't Wait to take some more pics of Tiffani in Madison!!!